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Dry battery-powered energiser suitable for paddocks and short lengths of fence where no contact with vegetation is likely. .08 stored joules. Uses internal 6 volt battery (not supplied). Optional 12 volt battery adapter available for use with rechargeable leisure battery. Automatically slows down during hours of darkness to conserve battery life. Heavy-duty case with handle for easy carrying. Crocodile clips with stainless steel jaws included.


ESB25 Dry Battery Energiser

SKU: 08-025R
  • Reccommended use with 

    • Cattle 
    • Horses
    • Cats
    • Dogs


    Power Source; 6v 25Ah

    Stored Energy; 0.08 Joules

    Max Power Use; 11 mA

    Open Volts; 8,000v

    Number of Nets; NA


    Distance Rating Based On HT Wire;

    No Vegetation; 1 km 

    Moderate Vegetation; NA

    High Vegetation; NA

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