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Mains powered 26 Joule energiser with GSM smart phone control and reporting functionality, the unit can send automatic notifications of low fence volatge to your phone and can also be controlled remotely by text message. Check fence status from your mobile phone at any time, automated daily status reports at your chosen time. Set your own voltage warning threshold, turn energiser on & off from anywhere, works with any network & mobile phone.


Your energiser needs to be efficiently installed and earthed to work properly

ESM5500I GSM Mains Fence Intelligiser

SKU: 09-123R
  • Reccommended use with 

    • Poultry
    • Ducks
    • Pigs 
    • Cattle 
    • Sheep 
    • Goats 
    • Horses
    • Rabbits


    Power Source; 220/230v

    Stored Energy; 26 Joules

    Max Power Use; 98 watt 

    Open Volts; 10,000v

    Number of Nets; 30 Nets


    Distance Rating Based On HT Wire;

    No Vegetation; 100km 

    Moderate Vegetation; 26km

    High Vegetation; 10km

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