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Intelligiser is a new type of electric fence energiser with an automatic boost mode which maintains the fence voltage under load and adds new saftey features. Coloured LED indicators show voltage on the fence and the mode that the energiser is operating under, Sounded fault warning alarm sounds if low voltage or fence faults are detected. suitable for long permanent fencing, high and low output terminals.


Your energiser needs to be efficiently installed and earthed to work properly

ESM5500I Mains Fence Intelligiser

SKU: 09-118R
  • Reccommended use with 

    • Poultry
    • Ducks
    • Pigs 
    • Cattle 
    • Sheep 
    • Goats 
    • Horses
    • Rabbits


    Power Source; 220/230v

    Stored Energy; 26 Joules

    Max Power Use; 98 watt 

    Open Volts; 10,000v

    Number of Nets; 30 Nets


    Distance Rating Based On HT Wire;

    No Vegetation; 100km 

    Moderate Vegetation; 26km

    High Vegetation; 10km

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